As a young adult, you may be experiencing problems at school or issues with your parents or guardian. Or maybe you just don’t feel like yourself, you are not alone.  Seeking support at this age is an opportunity to explore different aspects of yourself and find your identity.  Furthermore, therapy offers you the space to discuss whatever you want in a safe environment, and explore any difficulties that you may be encountering.


• Anxiety
• Depression
• Relationships
• Anger management
• Low self-esteem
• Sexual issues
• Gender identity
• Family conflict
• Parent divorce
• Issues with parents
• Tension/ Stress (ex: exam-related stress)


​In its essence, therapy protects the rights and privacy of young people seeking counselling.  However, parental/guardian consent is necessary.   In addition, this does not mean that the parent/guardian will be informed about what is being discussed during the counselling sessions.  Alternatively, every few weeks, the parent/guardian is provided with a brief update on the therapeutic process.  Nonetheless, this is firstly discussed with you, as the client, and only with your consent is this information provided to the parent/guardian.


• Self referral to counselling, just book an appointment online or over the telephone
Online counselling also available
• Free initial telephone consultation
• Flexible appointments at a time that’s convenient for you
• Safe, welcoming environment
• Tailored therapeutic plan


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