Online Counselling

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we do certain things.  Whereas in the past, it was only a dream to work from home, it is now becoming the norm.  Likewise, our changing lifestyle has also enabled us to build a therapeutic relationship online.

Online counselling offers a safe space where you can explore your therapeutic journey further. In times of crisis it is normal to feel overwhelmed and confused.  Remember that you are not alone in this time and that you can reach for support.

Online counselling can help address these concerns whilst offering you a platform of support.  While staying safe in the comfort of your own home, this service can help you deal with a number of issues such as stress, relationships, loneliness and more.  For some, this service offers more flexibility and practicality.




I offer counselling services through Zoom, which is a secure online service.  Furthermore, Zoom video chat is HIPAA compliant as it protects data privacy in all audio/video communication as they are securely encrypted.  Additionally, Zoom agrees to be responsible for keeping all client information secure and to immediately report any breach of information.  When you book an appointment, you will receive a Zoom invite a few minutes before the session.

If you decide to communicate with me via email, please be aware that these services might not be completely confidential and secure.   Ordinarily, all emails are saved in logs of the counsellor and/or the client’s internet service providers.    Even though no one really reads these logs, it is important that you are aware that in theory, these logs are available and can be read by the system administrator(s) of the internet service provider.  Although I make sure to use securely encrypted platforms when holding online sessions, kindly be aware that a risk of breach in security is always present.  While the internet has many perks, one of it’s limitations is the possibility of being hacked.   Therefore, please take note of these possible threats.



• Self referral to counselling, just book an appointment online or over the telephone
• Free initial telephone consultation
• Flexible appointments at a time that’s convenient for you
• Safe, welcoming environment
• Tailored therapeutic plan


Online counselling


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