Relationships can be complex.  Unfortunately, the most common mistake that couples make is that they seek help and support when it is too late.  If you have been unhappy in your relationship for a while, communicate this with your partner and discuss whether it would be wise to go for couples’ counselling.

When should you seek help? Here are a few reasons:

  1. You are together, live together, but do nothing together and if you look closely, you realise that you lead separate lives.  In fact, you feel like room mates rather than lovers.  Couples’ counselling can help you reconnect on a romantic level with your partner.
  2. You keep fighting the same fight.  Couples’ counselling can help you understand the unresolved issues that underly the fights that keep reoccurring and how to deal with them.
  3. You get annoyed with your partner on a regular basis.  Couples’ counselling can help you understand where this is coming from.  Could it be resentment towards your partner?
  4. You feel like your partner doesn’t really listen to you, and in turn, this has affected your intimacy as a couple.  Couples’ counselling can help better your communication with your partner.  Healthy relationships require strong communication skills.

Attending couples’ counselling can provide you and your partner with the opportunity to discuss such difficulties openly in a confidential and safe space in the presence of a professional counsellor.

Some might fear that the therapist will take a side during these sessions and not remain neutral.  However, I want to reassure you that this will never happen.  My only responsibility as a therapist is towards the relationship itself.


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