What is counselling?

In life, we all experience difficult moments that challenge us.  Counselling offers you a safe space, free from judgment,  where reflection and self-awareness are encouraged.  You are in control and you decide what you want to share in our session together.  The aim of counselling is to offer you the opportunity to face whatever is bothering you (depression, self-esteem issues etc).  Whatever that might be, counselling can help.

I’m a counsellor and my primary areas of focus include stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, loneliness and relational issues.  Using a solution-focused approach, I work with clients to identify what is holding them back, and together create a care plan to bring about positive change.

What should I expect from the first session?

The first session might feel nerve-wrecking, but don’t worry, it is ok to feel nervous.  Simply put, the first session offers us the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. We can discuss what brings you to therapy and outline the way we will work together should you decide to commit to therapy.  I will also explain things such as confidentiality, fees and cancellation policies.  Any paperwork required to start our work together will be dealt with in the first session – this will not take more than 15 minutes.

How long is one session and how often will we meet?

One session is 50 minutes long.  The frequency of our meetings is entirely up to you.  However, I do suggest weekly appointments for therapy to be more effective.

Is everything we discuss confidential?

Yes, our discussions will remain confidential.  Nevertheless, it is important to note that confidentiality has its limitations.   I am bound by law to report to the respective authorities if the following issues are discussed:

  1. Harm to Self
  2. Harm to others
  3. Illegal activities


It would be really great to hear from you.  Feel free to contact me via phone, email, chat or by filling in the form below.