Depression can paralyse you, your life. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you are brave and found courage to face your demons. Have hope and remember, storms don’t last forever.

Understanding and recognizing the symptoms of depression is not always easy.  Moreover, if you have depression, you will experience feelings of sadness for a prolonged period of time. What is different between an occasional episode of sad feelings and depression is that the latter affects the way you function on a daily basis, making it hard to enjoy life. In addition, symptoms often include difficulty getting out of bed, and an inability to complete normal daily tasks.


If you have depression, you are likely to have at least five of the following symptoms.  You may feel:
• worthless
• extremely negative towards life
• anxious, tearful and worried
• unable to concentrate
• cannot make clear decisions
• irritable and intolerant of others
• not enjoying life enough
• low self worth
• excessive guilt feelings
• changes in sleeping and eating patterns
• lethargy and exhaustion
• regular headaches and/upset stomach
• loss of libido and lack motivation or interest in things you used to enjoy

Speaking to a counsellor can help you understand what you need.  Every person is different and may need different kind of support, ranging from therapy or maybe medication through your GP.


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