Fascinated by the marvels of the human body, in particularly the brain, I decided to opt for a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (Hons.). After experiencing several working environments such as Agenzija Appogg, Equal Partners and National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE), my love for this profession continued to grow, pushing me towards counselling. Shortly after completing my first degree I enrolled in a Master of Arts in Transcultural Counselling degree which gave me increased theoretical and practical experience in the field of counselling, while working with clients with several needs ranging from substance abuse (Caritas San Blas), eating disorders (Dar Kenn Għal Saħħtek), anxiety and depression (Paulo Freire Institute).

My dissertation focused on exploring the role of Animal Assisted Therapy in the counselling setting: Dr. Fluffy: Friend, Foe or Something more? The implications of Animal-Assisted Therapy in the Counselling Setting My aim was to capture the lived experience of participants in relation to animals’ impact on their wellbeing.

I have furthered my studies in Animal-Assisted Therapy and have completed a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

My passion in life has always been to be compassionate towards all living beings. I am an animal lover and I strongly believe that animals can be very healing and beneficial for human wellbeing. Studies suggest that animals can be helpful in areas such as physical, mental and emotional health.

Animals are known to be loving and non-judgmental, and I believe that their unconditional positive regard is what makes them so special, leaving a person feel loved and important.

A therapy dog may be the first creature who has listened and responded to the child with such enthusiasm and compassion. This can result in the child feeling heard and important – Pichot (2007)


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