Child counselling

Children often deal with many of the same issues that adults do, such as sadness or anger. Many children are unable to express the complexities of having emotional problems. Counselling offers a safe environment to explore the causes of your child’s issues and misbehaviour.

Parent Counselling

A service that aims to provide the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and support to parents without judgment. This can help in relation to child behaviour and development.  This service also aims to tackle understanding the child’s behaviour and what the child is trying to communicate.

Individual Counselling

In life, we all experience difficult moments that challenge us. Counselling offers a safe environment where reflection and self-awareness take place. In light of this, change becomes possible.  If you have been struggling, seek the help that you deserve.

Online counselling

Now you can seek therapy from the comfort of your own home! Online counselling is not only a more affordable option, it is also more practical to attend a session at a time which is more convenient for you. You can choose video/ audio or chatting. Whatever feels most comfortable. This is 

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In our free time, Lola and I enjoy exploring nature with our family and friends.

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My counselling services have helped many individuals in Malta tackle their issues.

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Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

A truly passionate and dedicated professional”

After a few sessions, my son is doing much better at home and at school.  I am very grateful”

Very caring and understanding. Always with a lovely smile and very trustworthy”

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    Therapy Malta is not an emergency service.  For immediate help, please contact Emergency on 112 or the Mental Health Support line on 179.